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Emergency Lighting​ Inspections, Maintenance and Installations.

Over the course of a year, many buildings experience some form of a power outage. When that occurs, it’s crucial that Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs are fully operational to guide building occupants to safety.


Emergency Light Testing Requirements 

As per Alberta Fire Code;

  • Self-Contained emergency lighting unit equipment shall be inspected at Intervals not greater than one month 

  • Emergency illumination shall be provided for not less than 30 minutes in the event of failure of normal lighting.

  • The emergency lighting system shall be arranged to provide the required illumination automatically in the event of any interruption of normal lighting due to any of the following: 

Emergency lighting is critical in times of need. We supply, install, inspect, & service emergency lights & batteries in Edmonton and greater area. We provide our services for many critical industries and sectors across the area, including:


Q: How long should our emergency lights run?
A: Emergency Light units are designed for immediate evacuation in the event of a power outage. The self-contained light packs are not meant to provide continuous power indefinitely. Emergency lighting requirements vary dependent upon the occupancy grouping. 

Q: What is the Green Running Man Exit Sign?
A: While it seems new to the North American market, this design has been used internationally for years. This shift is driven by the changing demographics and adoption of the accepted code. Slowly, we will see the gradual transition from the traditional “Exit Sign” or “Sortie”. These signs are mandatory in new buildings or major renovation.

Q: What is photoluminescent exit signage and can we use it?
A: Photoluminescent signs tend to be referred to as “glow in the dark exit signs” commonly when customers call our office. This particular product works by absorbing and storing ambient light and emitting that stored energy during power loss conditions. Prior to installing a photoluminescent sign, a customer should ensure that enough ambient light is available in the required location to energize the photoluminescent as each product requires a minimum amount to operate properly. 

24/7 Emergency:
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