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Kitchen Suppression Systems Inspections, Maintenance and Installation.


We provide complete restaurant fire suppression system services including 6 month inspections, service, repairs, modifications, and upgrades as required by building code and insurance provider to keep you in compliance and assure your system is in proper working order. 

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems or Kitchen Hood systems are an important of fire safety. The suppression systems work quickly in the case of a kitchen fire to extinguish a fire quickly.

In a kitchen many different things are cooking at high temperatures and not all fires are extinguished the same way. Restaurant fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish all types of fire including grease fires, oil fires, and more. The system will starve the fire and create a vapor blanket to prevent a reflash of the fire to help keep it from spreading to other areas of the kitchen

Restaurants, industrial plants, and other assets are at especially high risk of fires.

That’s why having your fire suppression system in excellent operating condition so important. 

Having a well-maintained fire suppression system is one of the best investments you will make in the future of your business.

As a fully licensed fire protection contractor, we perform fire suppression system services In Edmonton and the greater area that help to ensure that your fire suppression systems are properly maintained and function in top working order. When you work with one of our fire protection specialists, you will get a comprehensive fire protection plan that makes sure your fire suppression systems are keeping you safe.

Guardian Fire & Electrical Inc. provides the following Fire Suppression System Services:

  • Semi-Annual Inspection Service 

    • Wet Chemical Restaurant Suppression Systems

    • Industrial & Paint Booth Suppression Systems

  • Functional Testing and Inspection

  • Replacement of Fusible Links

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Pull Station Relocation and Installation

  • Tags showing certification

24/7 Emergency:
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