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Guardian Fire & Electrical Inc. carries all the products you need to comprehensively protect your business: intrusion alarms, access control systems, video surveillance, intercom systems and security gate systems.

We also offer monitoring services for these products, to ensure their optimal performance. With alarm monitoring services provided by our Edmonton based central station, even the most imminent threats receive an immediate response from trained security agents.

  • In general, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) require a ULC certificate for a fire alarm system with ULC monitoring. 

  • ULC’s certificate program provides AHJs, insurance bodies, and building code inspectors with a reliable way to identify code compliance of fire alarms. At the same time, the program takes the ULC mark and places it on the installation in the form of a certificate.

In this case, the installed alarm hardware requires its own ULC listing, as well as current labeling. Furthermore, the monitoring station requires listing and certification before they can receive alarm signals from the fire panel.

Our trained and certified technicians perform ULC installations with listed fire alarm systems.


Protect Your Apartment & Commercial Buildings

When it comes to life safety issues, seconds count. Alarm signals are sent fast, secure and detailed when fire events emerge on the system. This reduces the time from fire detection to an on-site response from your local fire station.

By choosing to install a fire alarm system monitoring station you have the assurance of prompt intervention at your premises, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The cellular kit meets the requirements of CAN/ULC-S561 Standard for Fire Monitoring applications. It can help to provide sufficient warning so that occupants can evacuate safely as well as protect buildings and their contents.

Certificated alarm systems require maintenance under the care and inspection service of the issuing alarm service company. A ULC Certificate indicates that the installation has been inspected, tested and is currently maintained by the Listed alarm service company.

While it’s important that the installation companies are listed, it is even more important to request that an individual system be certificated and subject to ULC’s annual inspection process to assure code compliance.

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