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When a fire breaks out on your property, your fire sprinkler or fire suppression system should go off automatically.

But when it comes to containing larger fires, this isn’t always enough.

That’s when you rely on firefighters to put the fire out with their hoses.

When they arrive on the scene, the first thing they will look for is a fire hydrant.

But if you haven’t properly maintained your fire hydrant, it might not work when you need it the most.

Rust, damage, and other mechanical issues can prevent fire hydrants from working properly.

Without regular maintenance and inspection, you could be putting your property in danger without even knowing it.

As a fully licensed fire protection contractor, Black Bird performs professional fire hydrant services in Los Angeles that will ensure that your hydrant is always able to be fully utilized if the time comes. When you work with one of our fire protection specialists, you will get a comprehensive fire protection plan that checks your fire hydrants right from the beginning.

Black Bird Fire Protection, Inc. provides the following Fire Hydrant Services:

  • Annual and 5-Year Water Flow Testing and Inspection in Accordance with NFPA 291

    • Certification

    • Operational and Visual Inspection of Fire Hydrant Components

      • Inspect for leaks and cracks

      • Ensure gaskets and other parts are in good working order

      • Inspect nozzle threads

      • Inspect hydrant operating nut

      • Evaluate operating stem and ensure it is in good working order

      • Ensure hydrant drains properly when closed

  • Repair and Replacement of Existing Fire Hydrant

    • Repair Leaking Fire Hydrant

    • Damaged or Broken Fire Hydrant Repair

    • Repair of Leaking Underground Fire Lines as they Supply Water to Fire Hydrants

  • Dry Barrel to Wet Barrel Conversions

  • Blue Reflective Markers

  • Nozzle Caps

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