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In the event of a fire on your property, your fire sprinkler system should go off automatically.

But if your fire pump isn’t working properly, your fire sprinkler system is useless.

Imagine investing thousands into fire protection services, only to have it fail because of a poorly maintained pump.

You’ve worked hard to secure your property and its assets. Shouldn’t your fire protection service work just as hard?

As a fully licensed fire protection contractor, we believe in “doing it right the first time.” When you work with one of our fire protection specialists, you’ll get a comprehensive fire protection plan that checks your fire pumps right from the beginning.

Black Bird Fire Protection, Inc. provides the following Fire Pump Services:

  • Annual Fire Pump Inspection and Services

  • Fire Pump Flow Testing/Performance Testing

    • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual in Accordance with NFPA 25

  • Fire Pump Repairs

    • Jockey Pumps

    • Pressure Relief Valve

    • Valves

    • Gauges

    • Fire Pump Rebuilds

    • Packing Gland Replacement

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