Peoples lives depend on a fully operational adequate fire protection system. Not to mention the financial burden of a disaster.

That’s why having a properly functioning fire sprinkler system is so vital.

The right kind of fire sprinkler system can mean the difference between minor damage or total destruction.

Sprinkler systems are the first responders to fires. When well maintained, they can hold the fire until firefighters arrive on the scene.

If uncared for, fire sprinkler systems might fail during a fire and result in the loss of life and property. Not to mention flooding from poorly maintained fire sprinkler system parts.

As a fully licensed fire protection contractor, we perform fire sprinkler services that make sure that your system is ready at all times.

Our fire sprinkler services are available to both residential and commercial properties, and every service can be fully customized to meet the unique need of each location.

Every service Guardian Fire & Electrical Inc. offers is performed by a seasoned fire protection specialist who knows just what to do and what to look for to ensure that your system will perform dependably for the long term.

Some Fire Sprinkler Services Offered:

  • Wet pipe systems: typical application, with water in the system's pipes ready to be activated by the opening of fire sprinkler heads due to heat.

  • Dry pipe systems: this system has air or nitrogen gas in the pipes and water is released into the pipes upon activation of the sprinkler heads after a slight delay. These systems are used in areas where water in pipes can freeze.

  • Deluge: activated by smoke or heat detectors, deluge equipment releases a dousing flood of water or form in an instant through an open-sprinkler, nozzle, or foam generator, utilizing an unpressurized piping system. These systems are used in areas other than homes and offices where fire can spread quickly.

  • Pre-Action: This is a combination of wet and dry pipe fire sprinkler systems and are not activated until a fire is detected.

We have the proven ability to develop, lay out, and install all types of fire sprinkler systems, on time and on budget. We offer the unique combination of managerial and technical expertise essential to complete any new or retrofit fire sprinkler design project.


  • Expert design team, offering:

    • Detailed specs and design concepts

    • Full install plans

    • Feasibility planning and budgeting

  • Advanced 3D CAD design capabilities

  • Extensive knowledge of fire protection requirements and codes

  • Seamless concept-to-final-product process

  • Effective planning, efficient pricing

  • One point of contact for your project to keep communication streamlined


We design your fire sprinkler system to function in any emergency. Upon installation, we will perform fire sprinkler testing to check functionality and provide education on maintenance requirements.  If you have an emergency, we provide 24-hour emergency service for your entire fire protection systems.

We offer annual, semi annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly fire sprinkler inspection and testing programs as required by the latest building codes and standards. Our inspection programs are designed to meet your insurance and industry needs whatever they might be


Like all building systems, there is the potential of wear and tear on fire sprinkler systems from the sprinkler heads to pipe fittings and more. With regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance we can address issues as needed. 


Guardian Fire provides fire sprinkler systems for residential, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. We provide a custom quote for each sprinkler system application. Prices vary based upon application and complexity of system requirements. A dedicated team member will respond to your request for quote within 24 hours to get the project discussions started.